We are AUM and we do olfactory candles with love. Proudly hand made and poured in Vitosha Mountain in Bulgaria at altitude over 950 meters.

Our journey began in early 2021 when we decided our passion for design, balance, well being, fragrance, music and nature will meet together in unique perspective of creation.

It all started with the name

AUM means everything and anything. The word is sacred and symbolic. The sound represents the beginning - the creation of the Universe and everything within. All matter, all energy, all thoughts exist in AUM - saying or thinking it brings the light within and reconnects you to the cosmos.

We wanted only the best materials and the finest ingredients for those bespoke candles to be born. Our beautiful glass vessels are sourced from Belgium, the fragrances are made in France, the wax and cotton wick we use are completely natural and vegan friendly. Recycled and recyclable paper complete the packaging - nothing unnecessary or unnatural.

It took us a year to develop and perfect our first launch with countless tests, focus on detail, tons of love and we are so excited to share it with you.

Making every single candle by hand and in small batches makes us believe you will have something special in your daily life, that will balance and reconnect you. Self care and feel free to spread the love sharing us anywhere.

With Gratitude