Gold - Lord Ganesha Abundance Crystal Healing Grid
Gold - Lord Ganesha Abundance Crystal Healing Grid
Gold - Lord Ganesha Abundance Crystal Healing Grid

Gold - Lord Ganesha Abundance Crystal Healing Grid

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In Hinduism Lord Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and he is revered as the remover of obstacles and negativity and prayed to by Hindu's before the start of any ceremony such as engagements, weddings, house warmings, business launches for Lord Ganesha is also the God who bestows unconditional love, kindness, compassion, wealth, success, abundance and prosperity.

This is a beautiful bespoke handmade Abundance Crystal Healing Chakra Grid with a brass 24k gold plated statue of Lord Ganesha as a centre piece, with hand picked crystals which have been specially chosen for you and blessed with reiki energy healing at Reiki Master level, set in a sacred geometric pattern.

So whether you are seeking abundance in all areas of life or in your business or home or for family harmony or want to give a unique crystal healing gift for Dhanteras, Diwali, Labh Pancham, Christmas present, House Warming, Engagement present, Wedding present, Good Luck present, Birthday Present or just a surprise present or a gift to yourself the

Abundance Crystal Healing Grid comes with:

* 1 Centre Lord Ganesha centre piece

* Sacred Flower of Life geometric pattern

* Hand painted

* Crystals are personally chosen for you

* Infused with reiki energy healing 

* Instructions 

* Presented in a beautiful gift box which is your storage and presentation stand 

* Size: Crystal Grid 8cm x 8cm  Box (Stand) 10cm x cm 

(Please note colours of your Boxes (Stand) will vary dependent upon availability. If there is a specific colour Lord Ganesha statue you would like or a box do message me before placing your order for options.

Crystals will vary in size, shape and colour this is because they are as unique as you and I and no two crystals can ever be the same for they are millions of years old and each have their own respective crystal healing energies)

Disclaimer: This information and product does not constitute not seeking professional medical, psychological, business or financial advice. You are responsible for you not Aum Candles.

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