Gift Set - 7 chakra healing palm stones infused with reiki

Gift Set - 7 chakra healing palm stones infused with reiki

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This is a beautiful set of seven chakra crystal hand engraved palm stones for each of our chakras. Each palm stone blessed with reiki energy healing and the highest and best of intentions of bringing healing to you.

Every crystal is unique, no two crystals are the same when cut, designed and formed. Therefore every guft set is unique and may be slightly different in colour due to the nature of crystals but please be reassured that this does not affect the healing properties of the crystals.

Size of Palm Stone -These are approximately 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm each

Gift Set Chakra Crystal Healing Palm Stones

Each set is made up of the following crystals and are in an organza pouch for you to keep safely:

Root Chakra ~ Red Jasper ~  For grounding and stability

Sacral Chakra ~ Carnelian ~ For encouraging and inspiring creativity and courage

Solar Plexus Chakra ~ Citrine ~ For centering, for breathing to release stress and all that which does not serve you, create a feeling of calm and contentment

Heart Chakra ~ Aventurine ~  For your heart, to gently openly give, receive and be open to emotional healing, self truth and love

Throat Chakra ~ Lapis Lazuli ~ For helping you to communicate and express yourself clearly and in your relationships for your highest truth

Third Eye Chakra ~       ~ For developing, listening to your intuition and wisdom

Crown Chakra ~ Amethyst ~ For guiding you to your highest purpose, to your truth, to your principles for creating calm, peace and contentment with you in harmonious alignment with the Universe 


 How do I use my Chakra Crystal Healing Palm Stones?

If you are new to Chakra Healing and would like to learn how receive healing please follow the steps:

1. Select the chakra healing crystal palm stones set. See if you are drawn to a particular palm stone or feel like using all of the palm stones.

2. Each chakra healing crystal palm stone set has been blessed with reiki energy for you to be able to start your crystal healing treatment.

3. Firstly decide on your space and place where you would like to lie down for this treatment and set the scene, make sure you are comfortable, have a pillow, light an Aum candle, play soothing music, have your blanket, a glass of water and importantly keep the chakra healing crystal palm stones next to you for easy reach once you lay down.

4. As you start the treatment just relax, let your body release the stress and emotions of the day and let your mind calm down. Take gentle deep breaths and feel yourself at ease. Then kindly set your intention for the purpose of today's crystal healing treatment. 

5. Then gently and carefully place the chakra crystal healing palm stones on each of the 7 chakras. If you're just going to work with one chakra, set the specific intention for that chakra only or you can set intentions for each chakra as you place each palm stone and visualise the colour and chakra being brought back into balance.

If you have additional crystals and tumblestones which are your favourite or are drawn too then you are also welcome to keep these by you or to hold one each in both palms of your hands.

6. Sometimes the chakra crystal healing palm stones may roll off once you place them, do not worry this is a possible indicator that the chakra does not need to receive healing or that it has already carried out it's work for now.

7. Once you have placed all of the chakra crystal healing palm stones over the 7 chakras, allow yourself to receive the crystal chakra healing treatment. Breathing gently yet deeply from the base of your stomach, letting go of thoughts and visualising the rainbow of colours bringing each of your chakras into harmony

8. The duration of each chakra crystal healing treatment can vary depending on the time you have. From 10 minutes to 45 minutes. You can set your alarm to gently wake you up. Once you are awake and here in the now, slowly remove all of the chakra crystal healing palm stones, gently sit up and drink a glass of water. If you feel you still need to rest, then please do be gentle with yourself and rest and if you feel you are hungry then do eat a healthy snack to help recharge you.

9. When you get a moment after the treatment, please ensure that you cleanse your chakra healing crystal palm stones either by smudging them with sage, ringing a tingsha bell, putting them in moonlight, or washing them with running cold water.

10. Enjoy your wellbeing journey and smile