Welcome Home Candle
Welcome Home Candle
Welcome Home Candle
Welcome Home Candle
Welcome Home Candle

Welcome Home Candle

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The peony flower is said to invite romance, good fortune and compassion to blossom and this peony home candle is infused with positive reiki healing for you to enjoy in your special space and place and would it not be a nice welcome home.

Our home is our place, our sacred space which we fill with love and positive vibrations to be at one, to be at ease, to be at peace, to be open and inviting to guests.


  • Nature

    Warm Welcome Home


    In Chinese tradition to invite romance, good fortune, kindness and compassion to blossom and flourish in your home


    bedroom, hallway, living room, kitchen, lounge, altar, meditation, yoga, relaxation


    100% soy wax, love, reiki healing, cotton wick, glass jar, steel lid 

    Luxury Fragrance

    All phlalate, paraben, cruelty free, vegan friendly


    All packaging is recyclable

    Burn Time

    Approximately 30 hours


  • Note: There is no crystal included in this crystal
  • Each Aum Candle burns a clean flame, without smoke or soot
  • Soy wax candles being plant based wax, once set are prone to wet spots and adhesions due to changes in temperature.
  • This does not affect quality, imply it is defective or affect scent throw.