The Aum journey...

Aum Candles

came into form with love and light all of a sudden, through a vision and inspiration in April 2017. How this journey started is totally unusual and unique.

I am a qualified reiki, reflexology and crystal healing practitioner with over 14 years of experience and love all things which are natural and good for you and your home in a wholesome holistic way.

I love candles and have always done so and would be lighting them at home and gifting candles. However I was always concerned of the impact of paraffin wax and the damage to our beautiful environment around us. As I started investigating more I also found out about candles being tested on animals, why we get black soot marks and some expensive candles aren't as fragrant as you expect because of the synthetic fragrances used, it really got me thinking. 

At the time, I just happened to sign upto an exhibition event for promoting my reflexology and reiki treatments and I thought how can I raise this awareness in the community and what can I do.

Literally within two days, I started designing soy wax tealights with petals and essential oils which sold at the exhibition. The feedback was amazing and it was this insight, hours of research, hours of brain storming and encouragement from my friends and family which pushed me in January 2018 to work and design a new candle concept which we have today.

Why Aum?

Aum is the sound of the Universe, it is energy in us, around us and we are and everything around us is energy. 

I was trying to think of a captivating brand name and I kept seeing Aum in car registration plates each and every time I went out for a walk. Some days I would see one car, some days three or four and I thought what is going on? What am I being shown here (call it The Secret, Law of Attraction, Manifestation) and I realised that through my beautiful handmade candles I am endeavouring to bring positive loving uplifting intentions and energy to you and this is harmonious and in perfect alignment.

Aum Candles

Aum Candles are 100% plant based soy wax, vegan, paraben free, cruelty free, blended with specially selected luxurious candle oils, hand made with lots of tender love and care with positive intentions.

The Aum Candles Chakra Healing Collection and Aum Candles Gift Collection are soy wax candles with tumblestone crystals, each crystal has specific healing qualities to help your mind, body, soul.

I simply adore and love crystals and I have personally picked all the crystals within the Aum Candles Chakra Healing Collection. Each chakra candle has been designed for the fragrance to blend with the crystal tumblestone and chakra to enhance the balance of love and light brought to you.


All of our beautiful candles are hand poured and presented in a box, ready for you as a treat or to give as a gift for a birthday, thank you, house warming to name a few special moments. 

I hope you enjoy your Aum Candle as much as I have enjoyed making each one.

With the light in me honouring the light in you.



Reena (Founder)