LOA FOCUS crystal candle

LOA FOCUS crystal candle

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Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is one of mother natures special healing plants with a woody yet delicate aroma and in ayurveda it is the aromatic flavoursome herb which helps ones' memory to concentrate, focus and push past fears.

The Law of Attraction Focus Candle with crystal healing takes you on your own manifesting Focus journey with the highest and purest of positive intentions with this beautiful hand made candle and specially chosen crystals.

Aroma: Rosemary

Size: 9cl 


Crown, Brow, Throat

Sanskrit Chakra Name

Sahasrara ~ Ajna ~ Vishuddha

Chakra Colour

Violet ~ Indigo ~ Blue


Amethyst & Gold Tigers Eye can be used every day or gifted

(Each crystal is hand picked, the size, design, shape, colour of each tumble stone crystal will vary which is comes with the candle)


Included with the candles

Candle Placement

Altar, bedroom, living room, meditation, yoga, reiki, healing, relaxation. Use with a vision board. Goal setting. Intention setting for your goals. Crystal grids. New moon. Full moon.


100% soy wax, love, reiki healing, cotton wick, glass jar

Luxury Fragrance

All phlalate, paraben, cruelty free, vegan friendly


Minimal packaging which is reusable and recyclable.

Each candle with crystals is presented in a white organza gift bag

Burn Time

Approximately 20 hours

  • Makes a delightful thoughtful healing gift
  • Each Law of Attraction Aum Candle burns a clean flame, without smoke or soot
  • Soy wax candles being plant based wax, once set are prone to wet spots and adhesions due to changes in temperature. This does not affect quality, imply it is defective or affect scent throw.
  • Click here for blog link to: Tips to look after your crystal candle and How to look after your crystal