What is Chakra Healing?

In total we have 114 chakras within our body. All of these chakras are our energy centres which are connected to our nervous system from our core base to our crown facilitating the balance of energy and wellbeing within us. 

 The 7 major chakras :

1 ~ Root Chakra ~ sanskrit name Muladhara

2 ~ Sacral Chakra ~ sanskrit name Svadisthana

3 ~ Solar Plexus Chakra ~ sanskrit name Manipura

4. ~ Heart Chakra ~ sanskrit name Anahata

5. ~ Throat Chakra ~ sanskrit name Visuddha

6. ~ Third Eye Chakra ~ sanskrit name Ajna

7. ~ Crown Chakra ~ sanskrit name Sahsrara


support us each and every day acting as doorways to keeping our mind and body in natural balance and alignment.

It's when we have "dis-ease" which can be caused through living life, work, stress, our thoughts, not feeling well and life events and situations we encounter every day in living our life, that there will be energy imbalances within us at any given time which need be addressed to help us feel better.

Chakra Healing crystals have been used by people all over the world for thousands of years and now again is gaining momentum as we learn to recognise and appreciate the benefit of having healing crystals by wearing them, meditating, holding crystals and placing crystals within our home and sacred space; changing the energy in and around us to help us feel and be better.

Every crystal has it's own distinct purpose for energy healing.

During a Chakra Healing treatment, specific crystals for each of the 7 main chakras are placed on these points on the body and each of these crystals will subtly emit healing to help balance one, some or all of the body's chakra centres helping to balance out energy blockages to allow energy to flow and releasing the di-sease.

The Aum Candles Chakra Healing Collection has been designed so that the fragrance of each candle resonates with each chakra and crystal found inside the candle and the affirmation included in the velvet pouch (for your crystal) helps to work at a deeper level bringing love and light to you and your home or sacred space.



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