New Year New Goals

Happy New Year!

With the dawning of a New Year, the new day, the new month what's different to yesterday?

Only that the month and date has changed You have not changed, you are still You.

January is Veganuary, Dry January and Detox January.

It's the month whereby you start to get clear about what you'd like to do and achieve this year.

All of a sudden everyone starts to reflect on where they've been, who they've been with, the memories created, where life's journey has taken them and now looking forward to see where they want to be and start to dream....

It's looking forward at the direction, focus, commitment and dedication to succeed in meeting your GOALS!

Goals can be:

Day goals

Weekly goals

Bi-weekly goals

Monthly goals

One year goals

Five year goals

in truth there's no limit on your goal time span, the limit is only You!

So, whether you're a dreaer, writer, a creative there's a way you can set your goals for You through:


writing a list

vision board

and holding and making yourself accountable for your actions to get to your Goals!

Through The Secret and the power of The Law of Attraction, today manifesting what you truly desire is in your hands like the Genie in Aladdin who say's "....Your wish is my command"

Aum Candles has tapped into this and will soon be presenting the 

Law of Attraction Candle Collection

 A very special collection of handmade, vegan candles with dedicated crystals to apply the power of crystal healing, to help you bring your Goals, dreams, vision with love, light and encouragement.

Keep visiting the instagram page for the latest creations and collections!



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