Introduction to Chakras

Chakras we all have them...

Whether you're male or female, young, old it really doesn't matter because each and everyone of us has energy Chakras in our body. We are and everything around us is a form of "life force" universal energy.


Chakra in the saskrit language means "spinning wheel" and within our bodies this relates to the concept of "life force" energy spinning within us to keep our mind, body, spirit in balance and harmony.


When we are in absolute alignment and harmony and in the flow of life we are well. However through various actions, interactions, our environment one or more of our chakras can unbalanced at any given time and feel at dis-ease (more on this in upcoming blog posts).


The 7 main spinning life force energy centre chakras are located along the spine connecting to the major nerve centres, starting at the base and running upwards to the crown of the head. In total we have 114 chakras in our body all serving an important purpose some in a minor and some major to keep us in balance.


The 7 major chakras are:

1 ~ Root Chakra ~ sanskrit name Muladhara

2 ~ Sacral Chakra ~ sanskrit name Svadisthana

3 ~ Solar Plexus Chakra ~ sanskrit name Manipura

4. ~ Heart Chakra ~ sanskrit name Anahata

5. ~ Throat Chakra ~ sanskrit name Visuddha

6. ~ Third Eye Chakra ~ sanskrit name Ajna

7. ~ Crown Chakra ~ sanskrit name Sahsrara

The purpose of Aum Candles is to bring reiki love and light and crystal energy healing to you to help your mind, body, soul and sacred space albeit your home or your office into a welcoming and balanced state.








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