How to look after your crystal?

Crystals are beautiful

Formed over thousands of years, in darkness and under the most intense amounts of pressure to be unique, beautiful, ornate, profoundly sparkling with energetic healing properties.

The healing properties of crystals semi-precious and precious jewels are known throughout the world not only today but our ancestors of generations back knew this too and in India these were revered and worn with skill by consulting an astrologer, care and love so the wearer was only bestowed with loving and prosperous healing energy to navigate life's journey in a blessed way.

Today we are abundantly blessed to be able to buy a huge variety of crystals in person or online no matter where we are in the world. So you now have your very own collection but how do you look after the crystals to keep them at their best energetically?

I will share a few of the easiest ways you can look after your crystals which in today's time will only take a few moments of work by you to keep bringing love and light to you and your sacred space, which may be your office or home.

a) Quartz crystals can be washed/cleansed under cold running water for a few seconds and then dry patted and left for 30 minutes or so and be left to dry on the window sill and absorb the healing rays of sunshine. 

b) Alternatively if it's a full moon night, cleanse the crystals as above (please do not wash "selenite" crystal (it's a very gentle and soft porous crystal) it will get soft and possibly break. And put the crystals on your window sill to take in the healing qualities of the moon's rays overnight.

c) Ringing a bell or if you have "tinghsa bells" over the crystals cleanses them with healing sound vibrations.

d) Lighting white sage and swirling it over the crystals cleanses the crystals 


 So next time you think you have 5 minutes to spare and are drawn to your crystals, show and give them some tlc (tender, love and care) xxx






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